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EVs for Businesses

 Thank you for attending the NV Energy EVs for Businesses event! Below please find a brief survey and additional resources to assist your business as you consider electrification. 

Feedback Survey

Please take a moment to complete our brief survey. Any feedback you might have will be greatly appreciated and utilized to help improve future events.

EV Resources

Easy to Charge

It's easy to find a local charging station using Plugshare.

Electric Vehicle Overview

Workplace Charging

EV workplace charging stations can help attract and retain a dynamic workforce. Through the support of corporate sustainability efforts, EV workplace charging can attract media recognition.

Fleet Charging Station Incentives

Save on fuel costs, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions with a fleet charging station. NV Energy provides an installation incentive for businesses that operate vehicle fleets and intend on using charging stations for company-owned vehicles.

Charging Station Incentives for Government Buildings

Incentives are available to cities, counties, states and federal agencies, military, police departments, national parks, library districts, and public school districts.

EV Charging

Learn about EV charging types and available discounted EV charging rates. NV Energy offers special Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use rates.

Compare Models

Find an EV Dealer

Explore available new and used electric vehicles. Begin your search.

NV Energy’s Grant Program

NV Energy offers a competitive grant program that provides financial support to help offset the cost of installing non-residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the NV Energy service territory.

Nevada Electric Highway

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy (NGOE) partners with NV Energy to expand EV travel opportunities statewide by placing EV charging stations at cost-effective and strategic locations along Nevada's five major highway corridors (I-15, I-80, US 95, US 93 and US 50). Learn more.

Please reach out to us via email if you have general questions about content on this page or about our virtual event.