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EV 201

Thank you for attending the NV Energy EV 201 event! Below please find a brief survey and additional resources to assist you on your journey to driving electric.

Feedback Survey

Please take a moment to complete our brief survey. Any feedback you might have will be greatly appreciated and utilized to help improve future events.

EV Resources

Easy to Charge

It's easy to find a local charging station using Plugshare.

Electric Vehicle FAQ & Resources

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions and online resources regarding EVs.

Electric Vehicle Comparison Tool

Discover your EV savings potential based on your driving habits, home electricity use and available tax credits and incentives.

Compare Models


Explore dealerships selling electric vehicles in the Las Vegas Area.

EV Charging

Learn about EV charging types and available discounted EV charging rates. NV Energy offers special Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use rates.

Nevada Electric Highway

The Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy (NGOE) partners with NV Energy to expand EV travel opportunities statewide by placing EV charging stations at cost-effective and strategic locations along Nevada's five major highway corridors (I-15, I-80, US 95, US 93 and US 50). Learn more.

Please reach out to us via email if you have general questions about content on this page or about our virtual event.